Fighting for My Life

This song began as a dedication to a friend who has been battling cancer for over 30 years.  After recording and performing this song with Sarah, we both realized there was more at stake here–this song had a larger purpose. 

These days, when it feels like the world is balancing on the edge of a knife, we are all fighting harder than ever to survive.  Whether our battles are within our bodies, with outside forces, or simply the voices in our minds, each of us is working to claim our space here every day.  There are days where we barely make it, but we must keep fighting.

For the ones we’ve lost, for those who survived, and for those still fighting, THIS SONG IS FOR YOU

Jesse Baskin Shares His Story

David Bazemore Shares His Story

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Fighting For My Life – Trailer

Cancer Can Rock!

Bella99 on YouTube

I’ve been battling my ability to see my own self worth, depression soon followed. I wanted to be strong so badly, but it got so hard that I would just keep falling down what seemed like a never-ending rabbit hole. Lucky for me, I had someone to lean on,, someone to lift me back up! Not everyone gets a second chance. This opened my eyes because I now can see that I have something to fight for. I’m not the school captain, the most popular girl, or the smartest student, but, I’m ME, and if that’s enough for that one person who lifted me up when I was down then that’s enough for me. Thank you for this song!

–Bella99 (YouTube)

Shayla’s Story

On January 28th 2009, my daughter, Shayla Mitchell, lost a hard fought battle with childhood cancer (Hodgkin’s lymphoma).


Shayla was an extremely brave girl who NEVER quit fighting. She endured hours and hours of brutal chemotherapy sessions and radiation treatments.  She experienced many complications, including 5 heart surgeries, countless blood transfusions, and a failed bone marrow transplant procedure attempt.  We spent hundreds of nights in the hospital together.

Yet in spite of her struggles, Shayla NEVER quit fighting, and through it all, she still managed to take pretty damn good care of me. I miss her a great deal. Not only was Shayla my daughter, she was my best friend.  I truly am a better man for having known her.

Rafael Oliveira on YouTube

Tells a real story…I’m someone who’s already had relatives and friends who’ve died of cancer, and I understand the message they want to pass along to help others. Thank you!!
–Rafael Oliveira (YouTube)

@nennahurtado from Twitter

FullSizeRender (1)The one on the left is my sister, Luz, she’s been diagnosed with cancer. #Fightingformylife gives us motivation to keep going!
-@nennahurtado (Twitter)

Kate Ludden via

I’m fighting every day to achieve remission from chronic neuro lyme disease. This song has become quite the emotional anthem of mine the last few days. It’s made it clear that no matter the suffering any of us go through, what matters is the love you share with the people in your life while you are here. We are all lucky to be here, to experience that love, no matter how short or painful the journey might be for some.
-Kate Ludden (

Jenny Love on YouTube

Fighting for MY life 24 hours a day…
–Jenny Love (YouTube)

Sofyan Bzize on YouTube

I’m fighting depression….
–Sofyan Bzize (YouTube)

Walter Gajewski from Facebook

My story? Two time cancer survivor. Thank goodness for early detection. Guys–get your PSA tests. Thank you for your video, Goodnite Neverland!!
-Walter Gajewski (Facebook)

@dreams2beseen58 on Instagram

Love your music! I am watching my sister fight her battle with breast cancer. Pray for us!
-@dreams2beseen58 (Instagram)

@iamkellyjean from Twitter

‘It makes me think of the fight that all of our patients go through everyday.’  #cancerhasnocolour
– @iamkellyjean (Twitter)

Laura Hamade from YouTube

‘I fought against Thalasamie for 14 years and won two years ago!  I cried so much when I listened to this song.  It was amazing! Thank you.  There were moments I wanted to give up but I still fought and in the end I won.’
– Laura Hamade (YouTube)

Mandy Walker on YouTube

Your video gave me strength to keep going through a tough situation, THANK YOU!
–Mandy Walker (YouTube)

Silvans0r from YouTube

‘Beautiful video!  I lost my grandfather to leukemia and this piece of art describes everything he and our whole family went through. Thank you for this song!’
– Silvans0r (YouTube)

Sound Affects

“Our war on cancer depends on the power and passion of people and music.  We crowdfund ground-breaking technologies that promise to revolutionize cancer treatment by partnering with independent music artists to help raise awareness and funds.”


Issacar Brunow from YouTube

‘I so liked this song.  I’m passing a difficult moment in my life, and this song makes me think more and have hope.  Thank you!’
– Issacar Brunow (YouTube)

remedyfarm from YouTube

‘I’m fighting an invisible autoimmune disease and this song really hit home.  Beautiful.  Thank you for bringing thought to the hidden fights.  Cheers from Ottawa, ON’
– remedyfarm (YouTube)

@JmxG2 from Twitter

‘I’m literally “Fighting for my Life” battling cancer–this song made me cry.  So, so good.’
– @JmaxG2 (Twitter)

Fashon man from YouTube

‘I’m fighting for depression and sadness.’
– Fashon man (YouTube)

freddy_0549 from YouTube

‘I’m fighting for cancer.’
– freddy_0549 (YouTube)